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JOHO: Shocking Report on Political Gerrymandering as Cover for Drug Trafficking in Kenya?!

The recent extradition of the Akasha brothers to the United States to face charges on drug trafficking has blown off the lid of jealously guarded secrets of coastal politics and businesses. Whereas news about the extradition of the Akashas was received with mixed feelings among Kenyans, one thing stood out- the fight on illegal drug trafficking is a necessary engagement. Apart from the two little known Akasha brothers, reports have emerged linking another set of coastal brothers; Abubakar Joho and Ali Hassan Joho.

According to the report, the senior Joho, Abubakar, was the first to wade into the murky waters of drug trafficking while working within the port of Mombasa as a “clearing agent” for containers. Perhaps in a clever step to protect his growing drug trafficking empire, he would exert pressure on his younger brother to go into politics where he won a parliamentary seat in 2007. The report notes that it is during this period that Ali Hassan was introduced into the business.

The report justifies the point of view that politics in the Coastal region, and the entire country, is dominated by drug money. This cuts across both coalitions where political gerrymandering is fully financed by dirty drug money.

The ascension of Ali Hassan Joho to Mombasa Governor would then put him a t the pinnacle of the drug trafficking business as it gave him significant control of the Port City. Perhaps this could be the reason why the younger Joho gained enormous gusto to face and humiliate President Uhuru Kenyatta in public recently. A section of Kenyans, however, argue that the extradition of the Akashas, the naming of Johos as drug kingpin as well as the promise by the president that “more of fight on narcotics will follow” are responses to these public humiliations.

You can read the entire report HERE