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AFRICAN LUNACY: Ksh40 Million Fire Engine Burnt Down in Salgaa Demonstrations

A fire engine was burnt yesterday, June 16th, in Salgaa during a demonstration by residents over the bad state of roads. The residents, who barricaded the road and lit several bornfire lamented on the poor workmanship of the Nakuru County Government. It took the efforts of the dreaded GSU police to scattle the demonstrators who not only caused a 3hr traffic jam but also destroyed property of immense value.
Whereas the residents raised a particularly critical issue, is their conduct justifiable? Really, is it necessary for people to burn down their property in order to have their grievances heard? This question not only applies to the Salgaa incident, but to various other incidents occurring in this country. Every time a group of people wants to raise their concerns and grievances, do they have to inflict pain and losses on others who are innocent in the matter? Seriously, why did other motorists have to waste more than 3hrs in a traffic jam over an issue that does not concern them? Why did other innocent citizens have to suffer loss of their property?
In the process, Ksh 40 million went in flames in the form of a fire engine that was burnt down. Is that really necessary? How is it justifiable to burn down the entire house in order to settle a score in the house? In the interview, the people were visibly drunk and inept of the actual issue that caused the mayhem. How did the burning down of the county’s property solve the issue? 40 million, would actually unblock all the drainages they purport are clogged and in the process employing numerous youths. But hey, we better burn it down. What will happen today if there is a fire and the fire engine is not there? The same people who burnt it down will go back to the street over the county government’s failure to put out the fire. Is this even logical?
Yes the roads need to be repaired, or whatever, but don’t burn down your own house. Don’t inflict pain on others. Go hang the leader or the person in charge of the issue. Don’t harm yourself and others. There is no sense in harming yourselves in order to pass a message.
In retrospect, this behavior goes to show the collective idiosyncrasy of the African and Kenyan people in particular. It is a scenario where logic and reason is thrown out and emotional lunacy set in. No wonder the country never moves on because we burn the s*$t down all the time.